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xevo_icontest's Journal

X-Men: Evolution Icon Contest
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Welcome to xevo_icontest! This community is run by both fatal_kisss [Fame] and ____sultry [Whitney].

Want to join?


{x} You are allowed to submit one icon per weekly theme.
{x} They must pertain to that week's theme, obviously.
{x} Must be X-Men: Evolution related, and no other genre of X-Men.
{x} Your icons should be LJ compatible. This means 100x100, 40kb max, .jpg/.gif/.png formats only.
{x} Your icons have to be uploaded somewhere where direct linking is allowed. No, we won't upload them on our servers for you. I suggest Photobucket. That's what we use.
{x} Submitting must follow the following example:

http://home.mchsi.com/~aubrey/missingyourogue.jpg (URL OF IMAGE)

{x} Submissions will be taken in the post announcing the new theme. If posted anywhere else, they'll be ignored.
{x} Submissions will be screened automatically.
{x} Don't steal other users' work. This should be a given.
{x} Your icons must be new, and made for the contest. You may not post them anywhere until AFTER voting.


{x} Try not to vote for yourself. If you over-do this, I will make this so that you can't vote for yourself ever.
{x} You can only vote once per theme. Don't pull the 'getting on other accounts and voting' stunt. I'll find out. >D
{x} Don't get your friends to vote for you, don't advertise your icon, etc. I'll find out, you'll be warned and/or banned and we don't need the stress. It's a fun community - not an "OMG IF I DONT WIN ILL DIE!!11" situation.
{x} Voting will be screened.
{x} Voting times are shown below.


Let me start this by saying we are human. Not only that, we are teenagers. We get grounded, our parents plan an unexpected trip that we must go on, etc. We may not make the times shown below. Please don't think it the end of the world as you know it. There are two of us, so there is a very small chance that we'll be unable to make the times. BUT if that does happen, please don't go nuts on us. You'll be either argued with (and you'll lose) or happily ignored. :) With that said...

New Themes: Will be posted on Mondays sometime during the day.

Submissions: Will be taken IN THE ENTRY ANNOUNCING THE THEME through Thursday - 12:00 AM Eastern time.

Voting: Will start sometime on Friday. Voting will be held until Sunday 12:00 AM Eastern time.

Winner: Will be announced Mondays with the new theme.


Hopefully, we've been clear in all of this! xD But if there is something you need explained, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we'd love to have some suggestions if you have them. [see below]

SO! With that said, here are ways you can reach us!

• AIM = TheJugganautBish
• E-mail = fatal_kisss @ livejouranl . com
• Commenting in my journal is a good way, too.

• AIM = watwouldkatedo
• E-mail = sawyerskate @ cox . net
• Commenting in my journal is a good way, too.