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No Entries

The winner of Week 2 "Acolytes" is alfiri, number 4. I'll get the banner made up this week.

As for Week 3 "Couples" there are NO entries. So, I'm going to extend the entrie date until monday. If nobody is planning on participating please leave comments to tell me so, and we'll change the theme.

Please post your entries in my LAST post, not this one. Thanks <3
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Voting - Week 2 "Acolytes"

Voting is in comments, all comments will be screened.

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AGAIN, I apologize for the huge inconvenience, and the fact that I had messed up again.

Along with voting in comment, entries will be taken in comments.

New Theme: Couples

Any couples are allowed, even if they weren't considered a couple in Evo. Slash pairings ARE allowed.
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There's been alot of questions, and I know you all deserve an explanation of why the contest has been delayed. There's been alot of things going on that I'd rather not touch home with, but as for your questions about the contest,

I'll be putting the voting up tomorrow, and it'll go on for three days. So that we don't mess the schedule up, I'll also be putting the new theme up tomorrow.

Again, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience!
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Week 1

Week 1's theme for xevo_icontest will be The Brotherhood. It may be of only one character in The Brotherhood, or a group of them, it doesn't matter.

Even though Pyro was shown in the "future brotherhood" you may NOT make icons of him. Nor can you do Rogue, considering she wasn't part of the brotherhood for long.

Post all entries in a comment to this post, comments will be screened.